Artificial Intelligence vs. Pinocchio

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Artificial Intelligence vs. Pinocchio
In Steven Spielberg’s movie, Artificial Intelligence, we are introduced to a young boy named David who is taken in by a couple, Monica and Henry. However, David is not your average eight year old boy, he is a robot that was made for people like Monica and Henry who needed the love of a child. After being brought home, David wants nothing more than for his mother, Monica, to love him. One day Monica reads him the story of Pinocchio. After hearing the story David is determined to find the Blue Fairy believing that she will be able to make him into a real boy just like she did with Pinocchio. David and Pinocchio share the same dream, but their stories and journeys are very different.

David and Pinocchio share the same goal of becoming real boys and earning the love of their parents. Pinocchio’s father, Geppetto, created Pinocchio as a son for himself so he was always loved and wanted by his father. David is brought home to Monica by her husband, Henry. Monica is furious when presented with David, however he slowly begins to grow on her. She activates his imprinting protocol because she is still grieving over her other son, Martin, who is not with them at the time due to an illness. When Martin comes home, Monica decides that she no longer needs David and that he is a threat to her family so she gets rid of him. Monica dumps David in the middle of the woods as he cries and begs her not to leave him. When Pinocchio goes missing, Geppetto desperately tries to find him. Pinocchio was always loved and wanted by his father. David was just a substitute son for Monica that she threw away when she got her real son back.

After David is abandoned by Monica he sets out to find the Blue Fairy thinking that she will be able to turn him into a real boy. David, along with Teddy, a teddy bear robot that Monica gave him, goes looking for the Blue Fairy. Teddy is supposed to act as David’s conscience similar to how Jiminy...
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