Artificial Intelligence Is Quikly Become Real

Topics: Artificial intelligence, Psychology, Robot Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: February 6, 2013
The truth is that artificial intelligence isn’t just science fiction anymore. Even now there is a robot in Japan that is developing a sense of self-awareness, much like that of a real nine month old child (Popular Science). While the science behind artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a reality, the ethics of it is still questionable. The opportunities and possibilities of it are limitless and unpredictable, which is exactly what makes it such a wonderful plaything for the creativity of the human mind.

Of course us vain humans would do everything we could to use artificial intelligence to our advantage. Imagine Roomba’s big brother dusting, tidying, and scrubbing your house to perfection, having the mental capacity to actually know what room it’s in and where everything belongs. Already, there are robotic surgeons far more precise and less invasive than their human counterparts, consider what they would be capable of if they could control themselves and make their own split-second decisions in the event of a medical emergency (da Vinci Surgery). Artificial intelligence may well lead to robotic security and law enforcement officers, surveillance androids, and mechanical secretaries recording and sending off information for future reference.

Naturally, our own readiness to have the robots do our bidding would be our own downfall. Humanity, being pampered to a state of ultimate luxury, would become lazy and incompetent by themselves. The technology itself being made by humans, who are flawed, may be flawed as well, which, depending on the situation and the robot’s function, would cause a whole new set of problems. But we could never forget the zealots; the more human these androids become in manner and appearance the more cries of soulless beings controlling the world and overthrowing us would be heard in the streets. If they’re wrong, then the world would still be a very loud and stressed out place due to the debate; they’re being right is...
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