Artificial Intelligence Inf 103

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Artificial Intelligence
Alicia M. Reidelbach
INF 103
Instructor Glasser
October 13, 2012

1. What is Artificial Intelligence?
2. Artificial Intelligence in medicine.
3. Where are we with artificial intelligence now?
4. What’s the future of artificial intelligence have in store for us? 5. Is Artificial Intelligence going to take over all human abilities?

Artificial Intelligence
When we think of artificial intelligence, we think of Hollywood movies such as A.I. and I-Robot where robots do the daily responsibilities of what humans should be doing. In this paper I am going to address what artificial intelligence is, how society uses it in medicine, where are we with artificial intelligence now, what artificial intelligence has in store for us in the future and will artificial intelligence take over all human abilities? “It is not my aim to surprise or shock you--but the simplest way I can summarize is to say that there are now in the world machines that can think, that can learn and that can create. Moreover, their ability to do these things is going to increase rapidly until--in a visible future--the range of problems they can handle will be coextensive with the range to which the human mind has been applied.” --Herbert Simon [ (Copeland, 1993) ] Artificial Intelligence is the field within computer science that seeks to explain and to emulate, through mechanical or computational processes, some or all aspects of human intelligence. Included among these aspects of intelligence are the ability to interact with the environment through sensory means and the ability to make decisions in unforeseen circumstances without human intervention. (HERZFELD, 2003) The history of artificial intelligence can be traced back to ancient Egypt, but with the development of the electronic computer in 1941, the technology finally became available to create machine intelligence. (The History of Artificial Intelligence) When it comes to the medicine part of the artificial intelligence there are many different types of clinical types that artificial intelligence can be used for. First, artificial intelligence can be used for generating alerts and reminders. Using artificial intelligence for generating alerts and reminders it can use a computer system to monitor a patient’s condition and warn the patient’s physician of possible risks or potential harms. Another way by using artificial intelligence for generating alerts and reminders is by using them by recording a patient’s laboratory tests results and sending reminders or alerts to the patient’s preferred pharmacist to have them alert the patient on any new prescriptions the side effects. Second, artificial intelligence can be used in the clinics as a tool to help physician diagnosis a hard or rare case a patient of theirs may be having. There are systems to help physician make a diagnosis on the information that is provided based on the symptoms the patient is having. Third, artificial intelligence is used by nurses and physician to look up new data or information already known on a specific problem that the nurse or physician may need to look up considering the potential problem. Fourth, artificial intelligence is used by helping therapist find a treatment based upon a patient's specific condition and accepted treatment guidelines. Finally, artificial intelligence can be used by radiology technicians and radiologist to recognized and interpret x-rays to more complex images like angiograms, CT and MRI scans. This is of value in mass-screenings, for example, when the system can flag potentially abnormal images for detailed human attention. (Open Clinical) We use artificial intelligence in the present. We as a society use artificial intelligence on a daily basis. We use artificial intelligence to help tame the weather. The way we help tame the weather with artificial intelligence is scientists may be able to predict the weather better by using artificial...
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