Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

A Term Paper
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March 2011


Nowadays there are insufficient of medical specialist in the most developing countries which can cause of increase of mortality of patients suffered from various diseases. With this case, the institutions of higher learning take certain action to produce as many doctors as possible. However, many patients will die while waiting for students to become doctors and the doctor to become specialist. In this case computer technology could be use to reduce the number of mortality and reduce the waiting time to see the specialist. Computer programs or software developed by emulating human intelligence cou ld be used to assist doctors in making decision without consulting the specialists directly. This programs or software not created to replace the doctors or the specialists but it is used to assist specialist in diagnosing and predicting patient’s conditions. Employing the technology especially artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in medical applications could reduce the cost, time, human expertise and medical errors. Artificial Intelligence defines as the study to emulate human intelligence into computer technology. However, it is also encompasses such diverse activities such as game playing, automated reasoning, natural language, automatic programming, machine learning, robotics and vision, software tools, modeling human performance and expert systems f or complex decisions. Complex medical decisions are central in each phase of clinical cone, and are usually based on decision elements or findings derived from a single patient by

the clinical term. The discovery of decision elements particular to a given patient is a major task for the clinical term, and a necessary prelude to initiating a cone for the analysis of each phase of clinical cone. On the other hand, computer technology stated above also helps in reducing the cost and time during registration process. They will never be using the manual method. The hospital attendance could simply key in patient’s ID, add and update patient’s record by using software system made by some programmers. Signals are sent to notify the doctor while diagnosing the patient, doctor can refer to patient’s history record for a history treatment. A prescription of medicine can automatically send to the dispensary. Using the technology, problems in preparing the medicine and drug complication can be avoided.

Advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the area of computer science focusing on creating machines that engage on behavior that human consider intelligent. The ability to create intelligent machines has intrigued hum an since ancient times. Thus, artificial intelligence is a combination of computer science, physiology and philosophy. With this definitions and cases it shows that not only the good effects to us or it gives certain benefits that artificial intelligence d id but it has some bad effects which we consider as advantages and disadvantages respectively with respect to good effects and bad effects. This advantages and disadvantages tell us or give us information about how effective is artificial intelligence is a nd to understand further how artificial intelligence work.

As to its advantages, machine which is program as artificial intelligence can be used to take complex and stressful work that would be otherwise performed by humans. With this case, machine can wo rk even overnight. Next, machines can complete the task faster than a human to do same task because its command for its movement speed. Next, it used for...
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