Artificial Intelligence

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The Benefit of Artificial Intelligence in the World
Diana Carter
INF 103
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January 10, 2010

Artificial intelligence technology has yet to show the world of its capabilities but in due time it will be evident. Artificial intelligence (AI) is referred to as a computer and robot that is able to model human-like tasks without being told to do so. AI is used around the world everyday by humans for their own beneficial use. Many may not know it, but AI is the core to many of our banking systems, phone systems and software systems as well. AI is also used to help doctors and physicians with patients, so its technology is not only used for personal use it is also used to help ill human beings as well. It is vital to our lives and without this technology none of these systems would exist. Although, AI is actively used today it is still in need of more research so it will be years before we get the full effect of how it can drastically help the world in which we live.

The Benefit of Artificial Intelligence in the World
Artificial intelligence is the positive change in technology that we need to help the world grow, get worldwide problems resolved, answers to unanswered questions and a better life for humans in general. The negative result of AI growing stronger may result in jobs for humans are no longer available. That should be the least of the worries because that may be the only negative outcome from advancing artificial intelligence. The pros outweigh the cons in this situation and that should mean much more to the world the negativity. Even without the support of some AI remains to be the most projected technology to be used in the near future. What is Artificial Intelligence?

Although there are many definitions of artificial intelligence, AI is “The ability of a computer or other machine to perform those activities that are normally thought to require intelligence” (Dictionary). In simpler terms AI is simply a machine that...
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