Artificial Intelligence

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Technology plays a fundamental role in the world today. It is next to impossible to gain a competitive edge without utilizing technology. The telecommunications industry is a technological industry which has benefited greatly from such advancements. The case study “Artificial Intelligence Applications in the Telecommunications Industry” written by Jiayin Qi, Feng Wu, Ling Li, and Huaying Shu looks to explore exactly how technology, with a main focus on artificial intelligence (AI), benefited the telecommunications industry. The telecommunications industry is defined as a detailed service industry, with a high reliance on software systems (CITE p.271). Software systems used within the industry are not basic systems, instead they must be able to encounter many hardware platforms, protocols, and network architectures (CITE). As with many other advanced technological systems these systems must be highly reliable, and come with a high cost. Competition is a driving force within the industry, and in order to capture users the industry must be able to quickly respond to user demands. The development, and extend the new options to meet consumer demands. If the industry is not successful in doing so, consumers will switch to other viable options (CITE). Therefore, it is important to recognize the continual need for timely service development. Without such developments, the telecommunications industry would not be successful. Within society in the past decade, the global market has developed, which in turn has caused competition involving the telecommunications industry to increase. The global market is not the sole reason for this competition increase, technological advancements have also played a significant role in the intensified competition. Artificial intelligence has been applied to the telecommunications industry to aid in development of the industry as a whole in order to compete with the new competitive demands (CITE). The connection between the...
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