Artificial Intellegence and Home Automation

Topics: Artificial intelligence, Robot, Domestic robot Pages: 5 (2043 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Artificial Intelligence and Home Automation
Artificial Intelligence, AI, is slowly making its way into society; the next big step would be to integrate AI systems into homes. AI would be a huge help to people of all age groups allowing for security and help in completing the everyday tasks that keep the house in order. A master system that controls climate, security, appliances, and domestic robots was implemented to help make families lives easier. We concluded that AI systems are ready to take the next step to home automation and would greatly benefit from mass production of these systems. Introduction

Artificial Intelligence has made large strides in past years; the next step would be integrating AI systems into office buildings and homes. The goal of this research is to determine whether or not people would benefit from having AI systems in their homes. The National Institute of Standards and Technology funded our entire research with a ten million dollar budget. This budget given to us allowed almost limitless resources, and we were able to fulfill all aspects of our research. Artificial Intelligence is a growing point of research in the field of Computer Science. There have been questions as to whether or not Artificial Intelligent robots are ready to be integrated into society. In this section, the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligent robots are reviewed, as well as obstacles Artificial Intelligent machines face as they are being developed such as ethics versus logic. This paper hopes to clarify some research done and determine whether or not Artificial Intelligence is ready to join humans in homes and as offices. There are numerous benefits of having Artificial Intelligent Robots in society. For one, AI robots will be able to complete low-level tasks such as a gas station attendant (1). In order to complete this task, the robot would need to communicate with both the customer and its owner. Therefore the robot must have a social aspect programmed in. Another advantage of AI beings would be its ability to classify. If doctors are struggling with a diagnosis, an AI machine could be there to help diagnose the patient by having diseases entered into its memory. A list of diseases would show up and it would reduce the trial and error that doctors make when treating a patient. Many advantages of AI have been seen throughout many articles of research. Questions have been raised as to the ethics of using AI systems and whether or not these machines should be implemented. Morals are being taught to android robots and designing robots that are able to make moral decisions (8). AI would have a lot to learn on a social aspect. As Dautenhahn has explained in her article, robots would need to be able to communicate with both humans and machines (1). This need to communicate and process what was communicated will take years of research. The robot will use its AI to help lessen the learning curve of interpreting the instructions. Ethics towards humans and also other machines will need to be taught to AI robots. Machines will need to be able to determine what is and is not ethical (4). By saving a child over an elderly couple, a robot is making an ethical decision by choosing someone with a longer life expectancy rather than a couple who may not have as many years to live. In recent years, computers have gone from doing what people have told it to do, to being able to recognize what needs to be done next (5). Artificial intelligence has been feared by many as it becomes more powerful and more integrated into our lives. When it comes to ethical decisions, there is a fear of letting AI make these decisions (2). For a robot that cannot feel emotions, making ethical decisions frightens people, people fear that in order to save many, a robot would choose to sacrifice a few. In the case of a car accident, a robot may choose to save four elderly rather than two teenagers. Logic has...
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