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Topics: Artificial intelligence, Artificial neural network, Neural network Pages: 11 (1956 words) Published: May 27, 2013
The History of AI page 1

The History of AI

A Look back!

Sharmeen Collins

INF103 Computer Literacy (ACD1303E)

Instructor: Joel Tennis

February 17, 2013

The History of AI page 2

We have been studying this issue of AI application for quite some time

now and know all the terms and facts or we think. But what we all really

need to know is what can we do to get our hands on some AI today. How

can we as individuals use our own technology? First, we should be

prepared for a change not only in the present but the future as well. Our

conservative ways stand in the way of progress. AI is a new step that is very

helpful to the society, even though man has taken it step further than I

would have.

Machines can do jobs that require detailed instructions followed and

mental alertness but not having physical human capabilities. AI with its

learning capabilities can accomplish those tasks but only if the worlds

conservatives are ready to change and allow this to be a possibility. It makes

us think about how early man finally accepted the wheel as a good

invention, not something taking away from its heritage or tradition.

Secondly, we must be prepared to learn about the capabilities of AI.

The more use we get out of the machines the less work is required by

us this is were I see humans getting lazy or too comfortable. In turn less

injuries and stress to human beings. Human beings are a species that learn The History of AI page 3

by trying, and we must be prepared to give AI a chance seeing AI as a

blessing, not an inhibition. I have given it some thought that AI could

eventually put some of out of jobs. This has always been in the back of my

mind even though we have deemed AI to be the next best thing. Finally, we

need to be prepared for the worst of AI or things that could cause chaos.

Something as revolutionary as AI is sure to have many kinks to work out

and these things have not yet been discovered.

There is always that fear that if AI is learning based, will machines

learn that being rich and successful is a good thing, then wage war against

economic powers and famous people? There are so many things that can go

wrong with a new system so we must be as prepared as we can be for this

new technology. I am doubtful of such, but if man takes this further than

they should. However, these fears are still there, their capabilities are

infinite. Whatever we teach AI, they will suggest in the future if a positive

outcome arrives from it. I also believe that the bible is true also and the

devil is out seeking whom he may devour, so I can see man and its evil parts

doing more than using AI as a positive.

AI are like children that need to be taught to be kind, well mannered, The History of AI page 4

and intelligent and even children sometimes stray away from the good they

have been taught. If they are to make important decisions, they should be

wise, so man must try to make sure that positively is the first focus of AI.

We as citizens need to make sure AI programmers are keeping things on

the level. We should be sure they are doing the job correctly, so that no

future accidents occur. Although the computer provided the technology

necessary for AI, it was not until the early 1950's that the link between

human intelligence and machines was really observed. Norbert Wiener was

one of the first Americans to make observations on the principle of feedback...
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