Artificial Intelgenceli

Topics: Artificial intelligence, Alan Turing, Human Pages: 5 (1780 words) Published: March 22, 2013
A Close look At Artificial Intelligence

Albert Powell

INF103: Computer Literacy (ACD1308C)

Meredith Kiljan

March 22, 2013

What is artificial intelligence? It is a theory and development of computer system able to perform text that number required human intelligence such as visual perception. In this paper I plan to teach you about artificial intelligence by telling you what it is what it does how it is used and how it will be in the near future? Probably everybody has heard of artificial intelligence AI for sure but a few people have really a good idea of what the term really means. For most people an eye is associated with artifacts like the HOL 9000 computer in the movie 2001 a Space Odyssey. Set images are the product of Hollywood rather than the kind of thing which actually happens in the research labs of the world today. My purpose here is to introduce a few of the basic idea behind AI, and try to offer a means by which people can come to grips with the current state of the art in the field. (Earl,2009) Roughly speaking, artificial intelligence is the study of man-made Computerworld devices and systems which can be made to ask in a manner which we would be inclined to call intelligent. The birth of the field can be traced back to the early 1950. Arguably, the first significant events in the history of AI were the publication of a paper named Computing Machinery and intelligence by the British mathematician Alan Turing. In this paper turning argued that if a machine could pass a certain test which has become known as the Turing test then we have grounds to save it the computer with intelligent. This test involve a human being known as the judge asking questions via a computer terminal 2 to other in cities one of which is human and the other being a computer. If the judge regularly fails to correctly distinguish the computer from humans been a computer with say to that passed the test. In this paper turned also considered a number of arguments for and objections to the idea of the computers could exhibit is commonly believe that a I was born as a discipline at a conference called "the Dartmouth for summer research project on artificial intelligence", At this conference a system known as logic theorist what's give me a straight it by Alan Newell and Herb Simon. This system which discovered proofs to the theorems in a symbolic logic. The significance of this system was that in the words of field man "logic theorist was the first for a buy artificial intelligence into high order intellectual processes". This initial success was rapidly followed by a number of other systems which could perform apparently intelligent task. For example, a system known as DENDRAL was able to mechanize aspects of the scientific reasoning found in organic chemistry (Berkeley, 1989). What does artificial intelligence do? Artificial intelligence is capable of many things can you imagine a human mind that compresses over 1,000,000 thoughts in a few seconds? With the integration of artificial intelligence this can be made true. artificial intelligence is capable to do banking, a computer me Moneta stuck in trading virtually trying very is moving activities day humans would be likely to do then any activity observed that does not match the rules for expect a human activities gets flagged for observation and or in a bit in by real human. Thanking computers may actually invest money for real as well. Customer support humans may speak to computers on the telephone and give information they may otherwise give a human. Gaming - Computer characters in video games use AI logic and computer versions of board games use AI logic as well. Music - Computers can program with music theory to help compose pieces similar to how humans compose music. It is the theory that computers and mechanical objects could be made, that would be able to carry out actions that would usually require human brain power. Robots are the...
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