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Topics: Artificial intelligence, Computer, Alan Turing Pages: 2 (263 words) Published: May 13, 2013
MCQ – Artificial Intelligence – set I
1. Artificial Intelligence is
* Artificial Intelligence of human intellectual capabilities within a computer * a set of computer programs that produce output that would be considered  to reflect intelligence if it were generated by humans. * the study of mental faculties through the use of mental models implemented on a computer * all of the above

2. In LISP, the square root of x, is referenced  as
* sqrt(x)
* (sqrt x)
* x/2
* root 2
3. The area of AI that investigates methods of facilitating communication between people and computers is: * natural language processing
* symbolic processing
* decision support
* robotics
4. In a rule – based system, procedural domain knowledge is in the form of * production rules
* rule interpreters
* meta-rules
* control rules
5. The field that investigates  the mechanics of human intelligence is * history
* cognitive science
* psychology
* sociology
6. Which particular generation of computers is associated with  AI? * fifth
* fourth
* second
* third
7. A computer program that contains expertise in a particular  is called * intelligent planner
* automatic processor
* expert system
* operational symbolizer
8. Research scientists all over the world are taking steps towards building computers with circuits patterned after the complex interconnections existing among the human brain’s nerve cells. What name is given to such type of computers? * Database management system

* management information system
* expert system
* Artificial intelligence
9. Who is considered to be the father of AI?
* Fisher Ada
* John McCarthy
* Allen Newell
* Alan Turing
10. An AI technique that allows computers to understand associations and relationships between objects and events is called * heuristic processing
* cognitive science
* relative symbolism
* pattern...
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