Artifacts in Jamaica

Topics: Jamaica, Pottery, Earthenware Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: June 27, 2011

An object made by human craft, especially a tool, weapon etc and represent historical interest. It is normally an inexpensive object which is an example of the way earlier civilization lived.

Types of artifact

❖ Ceramic Artifacts

➢ Chamber Pot
➢ Tin-Glazed earthenware
➢ Border ware

Chamber Pot


A chamber pot is a small pot, usually ceramic, designed to fit under a bed or in a discreet close stool. The earliest form of chamber pot appeared in the fourteenth century in Egypt, and was commonly made of metal. Examples are known of tin, lead, pewter, copper, silver, and even gold. The chamber pots used in Colonial America were originally patterned after silver models, but pottery was the most common material used. Chamber pots is just a few of the many items brought to Jamaica during the era of Christopher Columbus and was an item frequently found through out the colonial sit of Port Royal. The first ceramic model was recorded from at least 1418, and was identical to cooking pots. To differentiate them, pots were often placed within a close stool with a hinged top and padded seat. The wide uses of chamber pots lead to it being mass-produced by the Staffordshire Potteries in the mid-17th century. In the era when going to the bathroom involved a trek to the outdoors, people who needed to go to the bathroom at night would use the chamber pot to urinate, and empty it in the morning. The most common place that you would find a chamber pot is under the bed, as it is a convenient and ready location. Some people had close stools, pieces of furniture designed to conceal a chamber pot. In many cases, the close stool had a bench with a lifting lid, allowing women to sit comfortably while they used the chamber pot. During the day, members of the household would be expected to use the outside bathroom, unless they were ill. The chamber pots from the night before would be emptied and scrubbed before being...
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