Artifact Speech

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Stephen Annoni
COM 101
Tues 6:20-9:20
Artifact Speech Outline

A. Attention Getter: Dribble the basketball around

B. Reason to Listen: For the most part all of us have played a sport. There are many different sports but I would like to talk to you about the sport of basketball. I am going to explain how the sport of basketball has a toll on my life so that you can have a better understanding of whom I am.

C. Thesis Statement:My basketball symbolizes what basketball means to me.

D. Preview of Main Points

1. First, I will explain how the hole in the basketball that gets filled with air symbolizes how I filled a hole within my life by playing basketball. 2. Second, I will explain how my basketball has the words “THE ROCK” on it and how basketball provides a rock in my life. 3. Finally, I will explain how the leather of the basketball shows the wear and tear durability and how I use basketball to stay durable myself.

A. The hole that gets filled with air, in a basketball, resembles how basketball inflates my life.

1. Basketball has helped me to fill a hole in my life since I was a child. Basketball was my first love and I was always dribbling one everywhere I went. I loved the game. 2. Basketball became a piece of my everyday lifestyle. I not only played it, but watched it every chance I could. I was watching my role models that I wished to be in the future.

Transition:Now that I have discussed how basketball fills a hole in my life, I will discuss how filling that hole, led to becoming “THE ROCK” in my life.

B.A basketball provides a rock in my life because it comes with dedication, which comes with more responsibility, acting as an anchor in my life. The sense of dedication helps basketball provide as a stress relief also.

1. Basketball provides a rock in my life because I have always turned to basketball...
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