Articles: Opposition Against the Set Up of a Factory in Taman Pelita

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No.987, Jalan Taman Pelita,
96430, Mukah,

To: Members of Parliament19th November 2012

Opposition against The Set Up of a Factory in Taman Pelita

Regarding to the matter above, all of the residents in Taman Pelita strongly oppose the set up of a new factory near our housing area as it would bring more harmful effects than advantages to the people and environment here. Environmental contamination and people health problems are major cons of having a large factory nearby. Having a factory can be the major contributing factor to the increasing of pollutions such as thermal pollution, chemical pollution, air pollution, and noise pollution. Below are several devastating effects that would afflict the residents and magnificent environment of my housing area by having a factory nearby.

2.The use of water as a coolant by power plants and industrial manufacturers of the factory would definitely cause thermal pollution where the temperature of water in the river of Taman Pelita would increase. When the temperature is increasing even one to two degree Celsius, it can give negative impact to the aquatic organisms. Warm water temperature may lower the oxygen content in water. Lower of the oxygen content can affect aquatic organisms’ respiration rate aquatic organisms is needed oxygen consumption in fast rate. For example, when water in an area warms more than they can tolerate, species that cannot move, such as rooted plants and shellfish will die. Species that can move, such as fish, will leave the area in search of cooler conditions but when they cannot find the cooler area, the aquatic organisms will die.

3.Chemical Pollution would also happen when harzadous chemicals from the factory are exposed to the environment, either by dumping them into sewage plants, where excess waste ends up in the ground. A good example of this is nuclear waste. When industrial wastes containing poisonous chemicals are dumped carelessly, they contaminate vegetation, surface water as well as ground water supplies. Later on, these chemicals find way into all those organisms that eat the plants or grass or drinking water contaminated with these chemicals. 

4.In addition, the emission from the factory would cause air pollution too. Older people are highly vulnerable to diseases induced by air pollution.  Those with heart or lung disorders are under additional risk.  Children and infants are also at serious risk. Many diseases could be caused by air pollution without their becoming apparent for a long time. Diseases such as bronchitis, lung cancer, and heart disease may all eventually appear in people exposed to air pollution. Furthermore, air pollutants such as ozone, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide also have harmful effects on natural ecosystems.  They can kill plants and trees by destroying their leaves, and can kill animals, especially fish in highly polluted rivers.

5.Lastly, noise pollution is also one of the disadvantages can be brought to the community. People can be getting annoyed easily by the loud noises from the factory. Studies show that one who lives in a noisy condition for a long period has greater chance of developing health problems. This kind of pollution would not affect our physical but our mental health as well. Some people also suffer from headaches, which decrease their efficiency levels and hamper the quality of their work.

6.In conclusion, it is clear that the setting up of a new factory would bring more harms than advantages and that is why we strongly oppose the construction of the factory near my housing area and we sincerely hope that the members of Parliament would consider our situation and take proper action against the set up of the factory in Taman Pelita. Thanks for your precious time spent on this letter. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Resident of Taman Pelita.

19th November 2012

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