Articles of the Constitution and Confederation

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  • Published : September 6, 2013
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Articles of the Constitution and Confederation of the United States Anthony Reyes,
September 5, 2013

Articles of the Constitution and Confederation of the United States Thee American Confederation and Constitution has caused several colonist to be reluctant for several years. The United States government ratified these articles creating unity between the states and the representations for all citizens. Articles of Confederation and the Constitution are justified for an effective United States rule and law. To better understand what the level of economics and drawbacks were during this time, it is imperative to compare and contrast the situations in which the documents contradict. Taxation

Taxes were levied in congress to each state generating a burden amongst its district. Taxation was ratified within each State due to the unequal taxation distributed to the people, whereas in the Constitution congress envies taxation per person for each taxpaying personal making it equivalent across the boardinghouse. The states that could not afford to pay simply just would not. It was also deemed to be inept establishing any form of national taxation, regulate trade and foreign Reconciliation was conveyed for an effective Navy and Army, for a turf ministration making improvements internally passing uniformity and relations to pass laws. To also improve education, copyrights, inventions, and establish jurisdiction over a permanent seat of government (Farrand, 1908, p 536). The actions from the Articles of Confederation to the United States Constitution caused several people to be ambiguous.

Federal Courts was not centralized for a good justice system. The Justice system handled its own courts in each state causing complications for offenders and criminals moving from state to state. For legal issues primarily as domestic involved too much bureaucracy tampering the court of justice systems. In this case, the constitution was pressed to create...
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