Articles of Confederation Dbq 6

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Articles of Confederation DBQ
While the Articles of Confederation did not provide a effective government for the fragile newly formed United States, it served as an important step towards the creation of the United States Constitution. From 1781 to 1789 The Articles of Confederation established the foundation for the future government and did create some unification of the 13 colony; yet lacked many of the economic, political and overall power necessary for a strong and efficient federal government in fear of becoming tyrannical like that of the British government.

The Articles of confederation lacked strength regarding state and federal relations, possessing very little control over the nation at all. The legislative branch under the Articles was a Unicameral system which had very limited powers. Congress lacked the power over almost anything, from taxing/funding and control of commerce to the inability to establish a uniform foreign policy and currency. Lacking of a judicial or executive branch solidified the central power of the Articles through congress ( although little power ) caused for many state wide disputes, over issues such as boundaries and taxation between states and other countries. A state like Rhode Island based on commerce and trade, stood in opposition of congress having the ability to tax due to its heavy economic dependency on commerce opposed to states like Virginia[Doc A]. The issue of representation was present in the debate of taxes, for many states found the unicameral system to not give equal representation in congress. John jay, in a letter to Washington, pointed out the inefficiency and instability of the Articles and felt America was in danger of crisis or revolution[Doc G]. Such a civil revolt would be seen in events such as Shays Rebellion which marked the upset to the taxation and debt systems under the Articles.

The Articles of Confederation where not a successful long term government but they did achieve minor success...
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