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  • Published : April 6, 2005
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Jacob Murray
Dr. Woodland and Dr. Szul

Commonly many Americans wonder what they want to wear to work. There are different styles constantly coming into style in our everyday lives with our constantly changing culture. Most of the time, what Britney Spears and other celebrities wear to their word day isn't what we should to wear to work.

The first article that I referenced was found after going to the search engine google ( This article I found, Business Casual at Virginia Tech, from Virginia Tech's webpage ( What this site said was that men and women should wear Khaki pants and long-sleeved button down solid shirts. On a casual day what men could wear would be unwrinkled polo shirts when the work needs to be done outside or in a hot location.

What this site also said was that dressing nice isn't always buying the most expensive clothing. They said that one would want to dress comfortably and that one shouldn't expect that they need to look like the CEO of the company. Basically all we need to do when it comes to dress is make sure that our clothes are pressed and cleaned appropriately.

The guidelines that men should use to dress are: if you have doubt, wear a tie; dark socks that don't show skin when you sit down; wear a light blue, white, or conservative striped shirts; have well groomed facial hair, if one has any; no earrings. The guidelines for women are: casual pants or skirts that aren't tight; navy, black, gray, brown, and khaki are the colors to wear; skirt should come to the knee when standing; wear blouses or tailored knit sweaters; wear conservative jewelry if any; make-up should be conservative and natural; leather or fabric shoes that are black, navy, or brown; hose should be worn with skirts; and their purse or bag should be small.

In the article, Business Attire for Women written by Diana Pemberton-Sikes, by The Sideroad...
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