Article Review: Shaping the Halal Into a Brand? by: Jonathan A.J. Wilson: University of Greenwich, London, Uk

Topics: Scientific method, Discourse analysis, Brand Pages: 3 (607 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Article Review: Shaping the Halal into a Brand?
By: Jonathan A.J. Wilson: University of Greenwich, London, UK

a) What was the overall purpose/aim of the study you reviewed?

The purpose of the study to review current literature and practices concerning the usage and consumption of Halal within marketing and branding. Following this, the aim is to both stimulate discussions and encourage further thinking within this field.

b) What specific research questions/hypothesis did the author state?

As a conceptual paper, research is limited at times by a lack of empirical data and attempts necessitating the exploration of wide-ranging cross-disciplinary sources and stakeholder engagements.

c) What was the methodology (how did they collect their data) used?

The methodologies used in this article are inductive reasoning and syllogisms, as a basis for conceptual metaphor theory and critical discourse analysis. Evidence gathered from structured and systematic literature reviews – supported by existing empirical data, anecdotal evidence, personel observations and experience.

d) What did the author find out/contribute (what were the conclusions)?

In business the doctrine of what is halal, has culminated in the creation of ingredient brands and in some cases forms of co-branding. However, the halal’s full potential has yet to be harnessed and there remain areas of dissonance and misunderstanding. Reasons offered by the authors are that current applications of brand theory unnecessarily restrict the term halal and presuppose that there is one interpretation of its meaning. Also, instead of current trends which focus on rate determining steps within functional marketing approaches per se; halal’s competitive advantage is of more significance when delivered via the tacit elements of strategy and management.

The investigation of halal and more specifically those aspects pertaining to branding and business are still in...
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