Article Review on Sustainable Facilities Management

Topics: Sustainability, Sustainable development, Design Pages: 5 (1322 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Journal Article Review:

The Practice of Sustainable Facilities Management: Design Sentiments and the Knowledge Chasm

NAME: Kristina M. Sewell
I.D #: 0905186
MODULE: Facilities Management
LECTURER: Keroma Bernard

1.0 Topic: The Practice of Sustainable Facilities Management: Design Sentiments and the Knowledge Chasm Summary: The construction industry with its nature of project delivery is very fragmented in terms of the various processes that encompass design, construction, facilities and asset management. The article presents Facilities Managers as being in the forefront of delivering sustainable assets management to hence further the venture for mitigation and climate change. It highlights however, that certain knowledge barriers regarding key aspects of sustainable facilities management may be hindering the successful implementation of the school of thought. 1.1(Research) Aim: To investigate the nature of sustainable facilities management and its affect on sustainable design management. 1.2 Objectives:

* To establish the existing level of perception, understanding and application of sustainable knowledge and practice within the facilities management profession. * To categorize the key area of sustainable facilities management where clearer practice tools, information and industry best practice are required.

2.1Aim: To obtain data on the existing level of sustainable knowledge and practice within the facilities management industry 2.2Sample size: 92
* Data required were collected through an online survey in the form of self-administered questionnaires to establish the level of: * Sustainable knowledge
* Commitment
* Practice within the facilities management industries
* The survey was accessed through the BIFM website and made available to subscribing members for a period of one month in November 2006. * Prior to the distribution of the questionnaire, various workshops were held to raise awareness about the research project among the BIFM members. * Featured a mixture of closed and open-ended questions

* The research utilized critical literature reviews, thinking approaches, workshops and questionnaires to shed light on the wider sustainability debate as well as within the FM industry.

3.0 Interpretation of Data:
* The results showed that respondents’ perception and practice of sustainability had a predominantly environmental focus, suggesting a distinct knowledge gap surrounding the general theory and practice of sustainability in its broadest sense. * Classification of respondents by sector:

* 39 of respondents were facilities management services providers * 33 were involved in in-house facilities management
* Only 3 respondents were product suppliers
* 17 respondents were from a different background: property managers, Fm consultants, building maintenance managers, company directors who could not be easily categorized otherwise. * Key questions were pulled from the questionnaire and the respective results analyzed

4.0 Supporting Theories
* Diversity and fragmentation of the industry are due to the various cultural values, processes and interests of the many participating organizations brought together to deliver a project (Egan,1998). * Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.(Brundtland,1987)

5.0Research Findings
* Lofty goals to reduce energy consumption and take better care of the environment are of clear benefit to the facility manager. Achieving these goals, however, is easier said than done. This is due to a discrepancy between the abilities, knowledge, skills, and willingness of facilities managers to implement sustainability in their businesses and the fact that they are very often mandated to manage the facilities at the...
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