Article Review of the Dirty Truth About the Air

Topics: Pollution, Respiratory disease, Atmosphere Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Air pollution is a major concern all over the world. It causes harm not only to the environment, but also is a leading contributor to many health effects facing humans today. As stated in Chapter 15-2 of the textbook Environmental Science, air pollution is emitted from many different sources such as factories, power plants, airplanes, boats, and automobiles. All pollution is not all human generated though. Dust carried by the wind, volcanic eruptions, and some volatile chemicals released by plants are also examples of natural pollutants that can enter the atmosphere and cause concern. (Miller and Spoolman, 2010, pp. 370-371). Whether the pollution is man-made or naturally occurring, it is still a major concern that must be addressed in order to protect the environment and to reduce health risks in humans.

Although pollution is everywhere, it is more prominent in major cities and industrialized areas. This is obvious due to the large amount of smokestacks, traffic, and vehicles in the area. But pollution is transported by wind, which carries it to less populated areas, across farmland, and into rural areas. A community 100 miles away from the city can experience the effects without having produced the pollution. Pollution also enters the atmosphere where it can cause significant damage to the ozone layer and troposphere. These effects can be seen thousands of miles away from any industrialized area, such as the Arctic Circle. This reduction in the ozone layer can lead to more ultra-violet rays entering the atmosphere and could potentially cause an increase of skin cancer and other diseases.

The most common health affect caused by air pollution is respiratory illness. According to Stephanie London of the National Institute of Environmental Health, she states that children who play sports and live in large pollution areas are 30% more at risk of developing asthma (Baldauf, 2010, para. 10). Asthma is becoming more and more common and there is a...
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