Article Review: Impact Of Reading And Studying The Bible Article Review

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Impact of Reading and Studying The Bible Article Review

Katherine D. Mooney

Liberty University

Impact of Reading and Studying The Bible Article Review

In the research article “Home Run Research: The Impact of Reading The Bible and Studying the Bible on Biblical Knowledge” (Filback & Krashen, 2002), the researchers attempt to locate a correlation between pleasure in reading the Bible and retained Bible knowledge. Specifically, the objective of the study was to determine whether voluntary study of the Bible would lead to more comprehension of Biblical concepts and figures.

The researchers utilized the BCRT as the research instrument, the Bible Character Recognition Test, with a sample population of 103 participants ranging between the ages of 19 and 68. The participants consisted of members of a multidenominational Christian-based non-profit organization and generic volunteers of the same organization. After filling out the BCRT, the participants were asked to fill out a short questionnaire, asking questions about their level of enjoyment in reading the Bible and demographics associated with education and formal Bible training, as well as the frequency by which it is read individually. This was added to serve as a correlative predictor of whether or not voluntary reading led to better retention outcomes.

The study identified that voluntary study of the Bible could serve as a predictor for long-term knowledge retention of Biblical information. The only non-predictive factor identified in the sample was level of formal education (non-Biblical) that could not be attributed to better Bible retention. Those who voluntary study the Bible had significantly better scores on the BCRT. Regression analyses were used to identify the significance of discovered correlations in the study and the depth of potential comprehension. Clues in the research that identified the correlative method were the types of analyses conducted, as well as direct discussion of...
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