Article Review - Character and Academics

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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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Article Review 1
This article, Character and Academics, focuses on a student's character education and how it influences student's achievement and education. It first attempts to define what character education is exactly and refers to many different definitions. It is concluded that character education is the responsibility of adults and re lates to the older generation's obligation to guide the young in to learning good character through experiences. It also investigates if it may be necessary for the school system to adopt a character education program to influence the thinking of students beyond technical knowledge. Through research, six criteria were outlined to address components of character education. The article also examines the relationship between schools who have adopted character education programs and the overall academic achievement of that school. It is found that there is a positive influence, as schools with character education programs consistently have higher academic achievement in all areas. The article also discusses the characteristics of a good school, concluding that character education programs should most definitely exist next to academic programs.

Character education is an extremely important aspect of every young person's life. This article shares a lot of interesting information, especially the positive relationship between character educaiton programs in schools and higher academic achievement. I feel as though it is absolutely necessary for parents and grandparents to teach morals to children at home. However, it is also, in my opinion, of the utmost importance to teach those morals at school as well. The problem which exists with this is the fact that the morals taught at some homes may not be the same morals which are taught at school in character education programs. As long as the morals which are taught at school are very broad, this could work. I feel as though it would not, in most cases, infringe on...
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