Article Review: Autism

Topics: Autism, Need, Consciousness Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: July 20, 2008
The rise of autism awareness has left many parents desperate to seek a treatment that will cure their autistic child. Many of these treatments have not been proven to be effective. The National Institute of Mental Health published an article, Fringe autism treatment could get federal study, to make the public aware of the unproven treatments that could possibly cure autism. I believe the author’s purpose of this article is to present this information to encourage the public to support the advancement of the study or encourage the government to continue to studies of healing autism.

One of the studies in particular is the study of taking Chelation drugs. The authors stated that Dr. Susan Swedo, the head of the federal institute autism research, wants to continue studying the Chelation drugs, but other researchers believe that the drugs are unethical. The study has been on a stand still, and doctors are afraid that parents are going to be more reluctant to have their children vaccinated because of the rumor that they cause autism.

In my opinion something needs to be done to put parents minds at ease. If the study is not ethical then the drugs need to become unavailable so parents aren’t the one making the medical decisions for their autistic child. Autism is something that we hear about more and more everyday and we need to take a close look at the research to help these children. I would highly recommend this article. It definitely made me more aware of autism research.
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