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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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Article Rebuttal

July 11, 2011

Article Rebuttal
In Stephen C. Webster’s article titled “White House admits marijuana has ‘some’ medical value” the opening line is a contradiction in itself. The Webster (2011) website states, “Days after the DEA insisted that marijuana has no medical value, the White House says there may actually be ‘some’ medical value to ‘individual component of the cannabis plant’ after all.” The DEA is supposed to be up to date with drug effects; but the White House says different, basically calling out the credibility of the DEA. Webster also goes on to say that smoking marijuana is harmful and has no medical value, in which he pulled from a report from the White House.

Marijuana may have ‘some’ side effects, yet there is not a Over The Counter drug that does not. From Adderall to Zoloft there are ‘some’ side effects, but all the man made drugs are nice and legal (view for side effects list). Cannabis can be used to treat PTSD, ADD, Chronic Pain, and the list goes on yet cannabis is illegal (view for video testimony Cannabis or marijuana can be used for many other reasons besides medical treatment such as: fuel, paper, rope and soaps. (view for full list of other uses for cannabis Although cannabis or marijuana has so many uses besides just medical nobody who reports on this subject can see how legalizing cannabis can help rebuild a weak economy.

Even if a state “legalizes” marijuana it is still illegal. The Federal Government will have to give the okay for cannabis (aka Marijuana) to be legal other-wise it is just decriminalized in that state and other states who have also decriminalized marijuana. As far as marijuana being used to rebuild a weak economy; marijuana can be mass produced at far less time than trees for paper, this weed/plant can also be produced unlike oil for fuels or lights. The only reason...
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