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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Article Rebuttal: The World Is On Its Own
Anthony Schleppy
BCOM 275
January 28, 2013
Barbara Psachos

Article Rebuttal: The World Is On Its Own

In the January 22, 2013 The Wall Street Journal article “Obama’s You’re-On-Your-Own World,” the author asks “isn’t it fitting that, as a final order of business in President Obama’s first term, the United States would haggle with France over the federal equivalent of a $2.15 check?” (Stephens, 2013, p. A17). Although the author does have valid arguments throughout the article with regard to the fact President Obama tends to avoid conflict, the dollar amount he is referencing is $18 million. This is based upon the fact of the Obama administration agreeing to cover the costs of 30 French flights to Mali, estimated at $600,000 per flight (Stephens, 2013). $18 million may not be much money in comparison to the annual United States federal budget, but it is a matter of principle. Not only the United States but also other countries with interests in regions enduring conflict should step up and assist financially. They should not solely rely on America to make everything better. The United States has just as much, if not more financial issues on the forefront than other countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany, to name a few. The United States presently has national debt of $16.4 trillion as well as a dysfunctional Congress that must come up with solutions to the debt ceiling, spending cuts prescribed from 2011, and a federal budget resolution by March 27th to avoid partial government shutdown (Grunwald, 2013). The $16.4 trillion debt is most alarming as it will not be a “quick fix.” Americans need to consider that much of our country’s debt is owed to China. I am not insinuating that the Chinese people are bad, but they do have different ideology than most Americans, have a strong military presence, and there is power in numbers (their population outnumbers the United States...
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