Article on Second Language Fluency

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  • Published : November 29, 2011
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Article on Second Language Fluency
This article discusses second language fluency. How do you acquire fluency in a second language? Language acquisition learners are taught in structured English immersion classrooms. No other language is taught. In order for students to become fluent in the second language, which is English, they must speak, read, and write in English.

I interviewed a coworker whose second language is English. She is fluent in Spanish. During my interview we discussed how she learned English as a second language. I will give a summary of this interview at the end of this article. Students are given lessons that enhance vocabulary and comprehension in English. These lessons are developed using three theories that can be used by teachers to help second language learners to acquire fluency in English. One such theory is Behaviorist theory. This theory is directed by the teacher and is structured. The learner is given objectives and usually works independently. This theory uses repetition and correction immediately.

The second language acquisition theory is innatist. The innate theory state children learn from the environment. The learning is not structured. Language acquisition is placed on the student and biological components. Correction is not immediate but the teacher does monitor the progress of each student.

The third theory is interaction theory. This theory uses social interaction among students who do not speak the same language. Emphasis is on communication which is vital in language acquisition. Parents play an important role in the social environment as well as the student.

I interviewed a person questions about how she learned a second language during her years in school. She states she was five years old when she learned English. She also stated her biggest challenge was learning the sounds of the alphabets. She states her teacher did not speak Spanish and majority of the students in her classroom were...
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