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Planet Earth is called the Blue Planet because two thirds of the planet is covered with water - the wonder liquid of life . Yet,today the world is facing a water crisis which will only worsen with time as the freshwater resources around the world dwindle drop by drop. With more than a billion people around the world lacking access to safe drinking water and over two million children dying every year due to the lack of safe drinking water and diseases associated with it, it is imperative that we save every drop of the freshwater available in the world.

Last week we enlightened you about freshwater, its availability and distribution and the water footprint or the use of virtual water in the products we use daily. Today we bring more interesting facts about this wonder liquid that keeps the world alive so that you can make conserving freshwater a priority in your life.

Most of you are aware by now about the need to use water sparingly and conserve this precious resource because freshwater is becoming scarce in the world. Your awareness of the vital role water plays in our lives is evident from some of your articles published in the page today. However, it is easy to lose your focus on the urgency of conserving water ,especially when it comes to virtual water since it is not visible as to how much is actually used ....

It is perhaps in this context that this year’s World Water Day theme is ‘Water and Food Security’ which aims to raise an awareness on the amount of water needed to produce food. Each product “consumes” water to grow and by providing you all information about these consumptions, every meal will make us aware of how much water is used for our food, and which products may require a lower water input. So, in the future there is a strong possibility that most goods and services around the world will specify the water input in them .

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on December 22, 1992, declaring March 22 to be the World Day for Water each year. Countries were encouraged to develop activities to highlight local needs for water. The first World Day for Water was observed in 1993.

The Water for Life Decade was launched on World Water Day in 2005. This decade will run from 2005 to 2015 and give a high profile to women’s participation and the UN’s water-related programmes.

In many countries, the primary reason people cannot rise above the poverty line is the water scarcity. Women and children bear the burdens disproportionately. Most often they are forced to walk for miles in the scorching sun in search of water to meet the requirements of their families and communities. It is a growing problem. However, there is hope. Proven solutions to the water problem such as digging wells and rainwater harvesting currently exist. Proper funding and a collective will can make universal safe drinking water a reality.

There is a lot you can do to conserve water. So, make a commitment to save every drop and not let it go to waste.

Don’t waste water
Water is very important to us. Without water we cannot live. Everybody needs water, to wash, cook, bathe and do many other things.Animals and plants too need water.We get water from rain, rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

In the world there is 70 per cent water, but the water in oceans and seas are salty. So, we cannot use the water in them.

Some countries do not have enough water. Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan are some examples.

Our ancient kings did not waste a single drop of water. They built huge tanks to collect water so that it could be used in the dry seasons.

Do not waste water. It is our duty to conserve it.

Bhagya Gajadheera,
Grammar School,

Water - our life blood!
Water is a valuable gift of nature. All living beings and plants need water for their survival.We require water for different purposes. We can live for a few days without food, but we can’t live without water. We need water for our daily...
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