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Topics: Body fat percentage, Body mass index, VO2 max Pages: 3 (537 words) Published: April 14, 2013
FITM 109: Fitness Assessment
To help you study, here are a few tips and a sample of questions to be familiar:

* Go through your notes and pay special attention to slides/notes with numbers, conversions, and calculations. * Practice any calculations you believe could be on the exam.

Some Testable Examples:
* Unit Conversions (Ex. lbs to kg)
* BMI formula
* Waist-to-hip Ratio
* Determining kg of fat mass and fat free mass from body fat % * Understanding cardiac output and stroke volume
* Understand proper landmarking of skinfolds and waist/hip circumference * Absolute VO2 vs Relative VO2
* Understanding equations – BEDMAS
* Understand the musculoskeletal assessments and how to properly identify CPAFLA ratings * Understand the Protocols and how to obtain results from the submaximal VO2 protocols * Determining CPAFLA rating scores for various musculoskeletal assessments

Study Questions:
Fill in the blanks regarding the following conversions:
145 lbs = ____ kg
155 cm = ____ inches

Use the following information to answer the questions below. Mr. Smith
Height 5’4” tall
Weight 195 lbs
Waist Circumference – 92 cm
Hip Circumference – 102 cm

Calculate Mr. Smith’s BMI

Mr. Smith’s Waist-to-Hip ratio is _____.
Is this an acceptable range (circle one) Yes / No
Based on the information below, Mrs. Jones has ____ kg of fat mass and ____ kg of fat-free mass.

Mrs. Jones
Height = 5’8” tall
Weight = 137 lbs
Body Fat = 18%
Waist Circumference = 100 cm
Hip Circumference = 110 cm

If an individual has 13 kg of fat mass on their body and weighs 71kg, calculate their body fat percentage.

Describe how to properly landmark all of the CPAFLA skinfold measurement sites

Explain the landmarking (location) of her waist circumference (where did you place the measuring tape):

Explain the landmarking (location) of her hip circumference (where did you place the measuring tape):

What is...
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