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Android might takeover the world by 2016
While robotics have not advanced as much by the year 2011, there is a distinct possibility that Android might takeover the world in the near future. Of course I’m not talking about artificial intelligence, but rather the mobile operating system from Google, which in past weeks has seen a lot of press suggesting that it may rapidly be stepping up as a dominant player in the mobile OS space. Here is a quick recap of news and opinion from various resources that illustrate just how much progress Android is making in the bid to become the number one mobile OS worldwide. Google Android Surpasses iPhone in U.S.

The big story last year surrounded the release of information regarding the smartphone market in the U.S. from research firm NPD Group. In their coverage of the topic highlights the fact that, according to NPD, Android devices made up 28 percent of smartphones sold in the US during the first quarter of 2010. The iPhone only accounted for 21 percent, while BlackBerry devices maintained the top spot with 36 percent of the market. Reason for Android Just Surpassed iPhone in Sales

In a recent post on the Appboy blog, editor Hillel Fuld provides his perspective on the news of Android surpassing the iPhone. In his opinion, there are four reasons for the success of Android in the most recent quarter: Closed Platform – the Android operating system is open, allowing much more flexibility for developers. PC World provides an introduction to Android, which highlights some of the same facts as well as other features of the Android OS that make it an attractive option for users. Certainly the introduction of the updated Android OS, will bring with it more to make Android even better.

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Certainly due to the openness of the operating system, there have been numerous announcements and rumors in the past about the use of Android OS in more than just mobile handsets. Recently PC World shared in an post...
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