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Article of Partner

By | April 2011
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Articles of Partnership

Know all men by these presents:

That we undersigned, of legal age, citizens and residents of Philippines, have this day voluntarily bind ourselves together for the purpose of forming a partnership, effective as of this date, under the terms and conditions herein after set forth, and subject to the requirements of the existing law of the Republic of the Philippines.

And we hereby certify:

Name, Nature, Purpose and Location of Partnership

That the name of the partnership shall be Diamond Appliance Center. It engage in and carry on general merchandise and trading business and to buy or acquire, hold, import, export, trade or otherwise dispose any kind of goods, wares and merchandise such as but not limited to general electric and electronic materials and appliances and other articles of commerce without limit as to character or amount. The principal office of the said partnership shall be at Commercial Center of Odiongan, which may be changed from time to time upon agreement of the partners.

Name, Residence and Citizenship of the Partners

That the names, surnames and addresses of the partners are as follows:

|NAMES |ADDRESS | |The partners are all Filipino citizens.

The date of formation and duration of partnership

That the partnership is formed this eleventh day of November, 2009. The duration of this partnership shall be at will according to the agreed decision of the partners.

Capital Contribution of each Partner

That the capital contribution of the partnership is one million pesos (1,000,000), which has been contributed in the amount of three hundred fifty thousand pesos (350,000) for Glecel Gay Salvador; three hundred fifty thousand pesos also for Jovel Teologo and three hundred thousand pesos (300,000) for Michael Allanne Sendiong.


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