Article - Is Reaching for the Stars Too Much Too Ask?

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Idea, Racism Pages: 5 (1956 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Bryan Leininger
SOC 210: Race and Ethnic Relations
01 September 2012

Is Reaching For the Stars Too Much Too Ask?

Throughout this course we have learned about as well as discussed the challenges that we face when dealing with overcoming inequality. This class along with reading the text helped me in opening my eyes and realizing that even though we may not care about the color of a person’s skin we still face an uphill battle in absolving inequality. After reading the text my views have not really changed in regards to people getting along with other people of a different color, however, my views on inequality have changed from that of being an easy fix to one of being a complex fix and one that honestly has no real answer.

The text said, when the constitution is interpreted in an originalist framework, meaning with an aim to preserve the original intention of the document, inequality is prevalent. Many originalists believe that there is a lack of interpreting the constitution for today’s purposes. I feel that thinking like that is dangerous. When the constitution was written it was written by immigrants that fled Western Europe. The constitution laid a foundation for future American’s to live by and it is what gave us our freedom. What people don’t understand is that when the United States’ Constitution was written it was written by men who would be charged with treason should they lose the Revolutionary War. I think that the fact that they had the foresight to allow the addition of amendments is a great idea. Just because those in power today add amendments that will benefit them should not impact the way we interpret the Constitution today.

The author of the text, Mona Scott does have a lot of proposals and ideas that are key to our abolishing inequality. Asset-building strategies are ways individuals, governments and communities increase the assets of citizens. This idea is good, because it will help those who are low-income help not only themselves but their children and their future. These programs would not just be limited to a certain class of people, but be available to all citizens. While this program is good in theory there are two problems this program faces. 1. Not everyone will have the same access to financial counseling allowing them to build assets. 2. Individuals in today’s society want the newest and best things (including housing). People want to start off with “the best” right away and may not understand that them attaining “the best” right off the bat may hurt them in the future/near future. The asset-building strategy is a strategy that could work, if and only if people across the board are told what they can realistically attain at that point in time and not allow them to “go for more than they can afford”.

The six aspects of social development are another way in which we can abolish inequality. The six aspects of social development are: 1. Economic Development
2. Physical Development
3. Cultural Development
4. Moral Development
5. Interpersonal Development
6. Political Development
I believe that all but one of the aspects of social development can be attained. I believe that all but one of the aspects goes hand in hand with the other. I believe that it all starts with interpersonal, moral and cultural development. If you can get people working together as one you open the door for economic development. If people earn a wage that allows them to live you open the door for physical development. Physical development is the overall health of an individual and/or society. However, the social development program ultimately depends on political development. Attitudes formed within, and as a product of, institutions are important if the entire system is to move upward. The political development aspect in my opinion will be the backbone of social development as a whole. Sure, people will be able to attain portions of the other five...
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