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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Article Critique
Davian Irving
Grand Canyon University: HLT-515
October 25, 2012

1) Provide the article reference and link. (1point)

Gibson Morris, M. (2012, July 27). Under pressure: Hypertension puts the squeeze on more than your heart. Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal (Tupelo, MS). Retrieved from:

2) What health disparity is the article highlighting? (1point)

The health disparity highlighted was High Blood Pressure and how it can affect not just your heath but also other vital organs.

3) Why is this information newsworthy? How would it benefit the public health community? (3 points)

This information to me is considered to be newsworthy as it addresses a very common disease and also a silent killer. This information can be beneficial to the public as they can be aware of what is high blood pressure, underlying causes, how it affects the body and how they can prevent or keep it under control if diagnose with this disease.

4) What causes and factors contributed to the health disparity? (2 points)

The causes and contributing factors to this health disparity was not clearly outlined in the article. Some things were mention which led me to believe that it is a lifestyle disease, the things you eat and daily activities are all contributing factors. The number factor that stood out to me also was the daily intake of salt can be a cause of high blood pressure.

5) How does the health disparity affect health outcomes? (3 points)

This health disparity affect health outcomes in that individual who may have the disease might not know that they do because there is no warning symptom of high blood pressure, and so person may not have access to preventive care or adopt life changing lifestyle to control the disease.

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