Article Critique

Topics: Autism, Autism spectrum, Education Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Article Critique on Language Instruction in
Special Education

Darula, B. (2009). Learn why autistic children think in pictures instead of words. Retrieved from
Kilgour, D. (1999). The Economics and Social Benefits of Languages Education.Retrieved from
National Research Council (2001). Educating Children with Autism. Washington DC: National Academy of Sciences.

The article “Learn Why Autistic Children Think in Pictures Instead of Words.” by Bonita Darula is an attempt to create a wider understanding on how children with autism develop language related skills. It described how development of communication skills of children with autism is different from normal kids. The author also reiterated the uniqueness of their thinking process, thus the use of an alternative teaching method and technique in language should be utilized.

Researches as stated by the author had shown that people with autism thinks visually, for the part of their brain associated with visual tasks is more active. As explained by the author words are not easily absorbed by children with autism. Word retention is linked with picture and object association. Conceptual understanding is sensory rather than word based, therefore something tangible or something which is visually eye catching should be prepared in order for them to understand and use language. Use of pictures instead of words is highly needed and is highly recommended. Visual representations in various colors can stimulate brain activity and the thinking process of autistic children. Due to this reality, as further explained by the author verbal instruction are learned through visual demonstration rather than in long verbal phrases or long word sequences. It is thru this...
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