Article Based on Issues Related to School

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Write a magazine article based on issues related to school.
The basic concerns in most of the schools are the issues between teachers and students vice versa students and teachers. In some cases the teachers in subject areas were insufficient, and unqualified. Many of them did not do their best in teaching, did not continually improve their knowledge and skills and the teaching was ineffective. But, many students did not pay attention to their classroom learning and lacked self-discipline. Their reading and writing skills were below class standards. Such points should be taken in to action, teachers should be more aware about the matters going on in the school. Student are left out to do their work by not being motivated which leads to bad behavior of the student which is a disgrace for the school. Teacher’s basic role is to be a second mother to the students, if they are not properly trained? What is the whole point of being a teacher? They should learn to maintain them self in correct decision and trying to understand pupil’s weakness. Such comments have arisen about student’s view point about teachers, example: students from Frederick Gough School Council have made a separate website listing out issues of teachers and what complains have arisen from parents prospective. Roy Chan says: I think the school should have someone like a teacher or someone else to walk around school at lunch time, because at lunch time, somewhere at the tennis court, people always smoking, or climbing over the small gate. And I just want to ask, where is the teacher, when all of this is happening? Parents complain have reached the Education Department, which lead the school gaining a bad name and also embarrassment for the school staff members. But, in that case teachers don’t need to feel disgraced or feel depressed about it because changes can be always done. Now a days Issues like these can be improved and be socially negotiated teachers and students can have programs based...
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