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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Weekly Journal # 67
What are at least five key points in the articles and the text readings? 1. There are many different types of reinforcements, classes of reinforcements. Some of the classes are as follows: edibles, activity, tangibles, social, token, naturally occurring reinforcers. 2. It is important to know and understand exactly what behaviors you are attempting to reinforce when creating a behavior plan. 3. Teachers must establish contingencies or rules related to the reinforcements. 4. It is important to schedule reinforcements especially to build the learner up to the stages of learning. 5. Chaining is involving a sequence of related steps or behaviors that are linked together. This is important to focus on when a new skill or behavior is being taught that consist of related steps.

b) Include a discussion about your prior beliefs about the legal history of special education. How have the readings altered or informed your beliefs? It is vital that students are able to perform necessary skills to function at their grade levels even if there is some type of reinforcement provided until the student can perform the skill on their own. Previously in special education and general education, there was only negative reinforcement if the student performed some tasks in the incorrect manner. Negative reinforcement was a punishment that was provided to the student due to not performing the skill. It is important to know the difference in between the two reinforcements. Currently, teachers are providing positive reinforcements to their students to create a positive feeling for the students. c) Based upon your experience in education, how might you apply this content to a classroom and instruction? In the classroom, I will definitely use the positive reinforcements with my students that demonstrate some type of progressions of learning certain skills. I have previously provided my students with positive...
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