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Topics: Hospital, Medicine, Psychiatry Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Article or Case Law Search
Leydis Diaz
HCS 430
Legal Issues in Healthcare: Regulation and Compliance
May 27, 2013
Norman Greene

Palliative care improves the quality of life patient and families, who face a life threating illness. This treatment takes into account the individuals emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, as well as the individuals surrounding them. Palliative may be a good option for a patient with a serious illness who needs assistance: managing pain, understanding and coping with his of her condition, and navigating the health care system. Facilitating the individual’s choice is vital to palliative care. However, the choice agenda challenges us to question what this truly means for palliative care now and in the future (Kite and Tate, 2005). This article will represent The Atlanta Journal Constitution, dated June 28, 2009, entitled System was deaf to pleas: mother died. This paper will provide sufficient background on the article and discuss the major point. Then, review the legal issues involve in the article law search. Concluding, the writer will discuss suggestion that could have been made. This article was about a case implicates the Georgia Regional Hospital, Atlanta. In January of 2009, a patient, Na Young, this patient has a history of psychotic episodes. This patient was released form the psychiatric hospital. On a Friday evening in January at the Regional Hospital in Atlanta, Na Yong, refused to sign the release paper. The patient go valance with the nurse and told her that she will now longer take the antipsychotic medication. The patient family pleaded the doctors and nurses to reconsider discharging her from the hospital. The patient prior to been admitted into the hospital had physically abused her mother on several occasion. Na Yong told physician and nurses that if she were discharge from the hospital she would kill her mother, which was the target of her schizophrenia-fueled rage. The hospital staff still...
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