Article Analysis: No They Can't

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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English IIHP/Period 4
“No They Can’t” Essay Contest
Our government has failed to do tasks that other individuals succeed at. What’s the difference? Isn’t the government made up of individuals with the same or possibly even greater knowledge? Well yes, but when there’s a reward, it seems that things get done faster and more efficiently. John Stossel is makes a well structures and thoroughly thought out agreement, but he failed to point out one important aspect. The individuals that seemed to have done better than the government were offered a reward. The screeners at the San Francisco airport were offered money for winning competitions. The teams who found a way to clean the oil out of the ocean offered money. So yes, individuals do a better job than the government, if and when they are offered money or some type of reward.

The government makes decisions that benefit them, yet are seen to “help” us. The truth is they don’t do anything that truly helps. John Stossel says “No, they can’t.” The government can, they just don’t. His video should say “no they don’t.” It is true though, the government fails to do what possibly any other person can succeed at. But what makes these other people capable of doing what is supposed to be the government’s job, is money. In Stossel’s video he said that the private screeners at the San Francisco airport are more efficient and a lot friendlier than the government’s screeners. San Francisco’s airport has caught more prohibited items, and they have stopped more unsafe passengers form coming onto the plane. In the video Stossel has people form the airports give us their opinion on the two types of screeners. All in all, the government isn’t doing as well as the other private company. Of course they are going to do better, they are being paid. The private screeners are paid $2,000 when they win a competition against their co-worker. On the other hand, government appointed screeners are paid their wages for their work and that’s...
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