Article Analysis

Topics: Muhammad, Qur'an, Salah Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: March 31, 2013

Article Analysis

Mohd Suyuti Ismail reported the virtue and significance of performing the Salat ad-Dhuha in his report titled ‘Keberkatan Solat Duha’ (Blessings of Dhuha Prayer). In this particular report published on January, 3rd 2013 in Berita Harian news, the author deliberately mentioned the benefits of offering this prayer including the blessings and prosperity from Allah SWT throughout the life of the person who offers the prayer regularly or even once in a lifetime. He also carefully described how to implement the prayer as approbation to Allah SWT. Lastly, he inveigled the readers to perform Salat ad-Dhuha for it brings nothing but betterment for oneself.

Solat ad-Dhuha (Morning Prayer) is also known as Chaasht salah or namaz. The permissible time to offer it is 27 minutes after the sun has risen high in the morning, after one/third of the day has passed and it last until zawal which means the time when the sun moves away from its central meridian and not time it is at its meridian as commonly mistaken. One may offer minimum two, four, six, eight, ten or maximum twelve rak’ah or nafl. This is affirmed by the narration of ‘Aaishah (Radia Allaahu’anha): ‘The Messenger of Allah (Salla Allaahu’alaihi wa sallam) used to pray four rak’ah in the Duha (forenoon) prayer and he sometimes prayed more as Allah willed.” [ Hadith Muslim], the hadith also indicates that the best time of Dhuha prayer is just before noon. Moreover, The Prophet PBUH was reported as saying: “Whoever prays 12 rak’ah for the Duha prayer, Allah will build a golden castle for him in Paradise.” [ Hadith At-Tirmirdhi Ibn Majah]

Based on the article, during the first rak’ah we can recite surah ad-Dhuha and al-Ikhlas during the second rak’ah respectively after reciting Al-fatihah. Although, in addition, there is flexibility in surah to be recited during Dhuha prayer, one can actually recite any surah from the Quran. The approximate time taken for the prayer is only 3...
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