Article About Companys Exploiting Tweens

Topics: Preadolescence, Want, Childhood Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Corporations are exploiting tweens insecurity.

Through marketing, corporations are manipulating tweens to buy their products to “fit in”.


Yearly tween girls are spending 11,5 billion dollars of their parents money on clothes and accessories for the girls to feel cool. Tweens have different values than just a few years ago. What matters now is to look older than you actually are. The girls in this age are more self conscious than ever making them care more about themselves instead of attracting boys. What matters for these girls is to be a part of the smart latest fashion group, but still call it their own style. Tweens are also aware of the environment, making them avoid animal tested products, and some even turn vegetarians because of this. Corporations are treating tweens like adults already at the age of 10, and they are directing their marketing towards an age group that has no understanding of the term restraint. This is making the girls want more and more of the latest fashion, which changes a lot at this age, because corporations are constantly making new products and commercials which is sucking the childhood out of the kids. Corporations do this by hiring agencies to spy the fashion market trying to figure out what is in at the moment, and this is ruining tween lives. Corporations are exploiting this by removing parents from the picture, leaving them vulnerable to manipulate their minds through body images, sex and relationships in the way they want. Corporations these days are using these messages through marketing to leave the tweens with a message that links beauty to sex, popularity and happiness. This message has changed kids and is convincing many tweens that doesn’t look like the models in the commercials to have body-hatred and be self-loathing. Studies shows that more tweens are suffering from eating disorders, some even turn to smoking to avoid meals and letting them lose weight. The corporations use different methods to...
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