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Topics: Marriage, Family law, Divorce Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: March 11, 2013
The 1987 Philippine Constitution
Article XV: The Family
Submitted by: Cuisia, Renzo
David, Jason
Santos, Reinalyn

Section 1. The State recognizes Filipino family as the foundation of the nation. Accordingly, it shall strengthen its solidarity and actively promote its total development.

Family as defined in the Webster Dictionary is the basic unit in the society traditionally consisting of two parents having their children. The family is the very heart of the society, because it is not only bound through blood ties, but it is also through their beliefs, interest, common past and shared visions of the future. As the basic unit of the society, the family ought to be the origin of change and reform in a society because it is where human values begin. Since family is the place where we learn the basic human values which makes us as a person, it reflects on how we act; therefore, people in the government not only act as a leader and model of the society but also as the reflection of their family. Family does not only stand as the home for basic values to be taught, but family also strengthens the vision and mission of the state for it is the family who supported the state and is supported by the state (JD PAKIBAGO YUNG LAST PART. Medyo naguluhan ako! Yung naka-highlight HAHAHAH) The State has big responsibilities to the family. The state is mandated to strengthen the solidarity and actively promote its total development. Though the family is the root of human values, the State has the responsibility to promote it. The state and the family works hand in hand in order to make a better nation. If one fails to do its responsibilities properly the other one fails as well, therefore they promote each other’s values to make a batter nation for all. (JD ADD KA NA LANG NUNG RESEARCH MO, WALA AKONG MAILAGAY EH)

Section 2. Marriage, as an inviolable social institution, is the foundation of the family and shall be protected by the State.

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