Arthur Miller's The Crucible: Logical Fallacy

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Arthur Miller’s The Crucible Logical Fallacy AssignmentLetitia Hughes
Barren County High
AP Language

There are a number of claims that many of the characters in the play make in their attempts to persuade each other to think one way or another about the probability of witches in Salem and the likelihood that someone is or is not telling the truth. Using the fallacy definitions provided for you in class, find examples of the logical fallacies made by any of the characters in the play.

You will be given an envelope with a type of logical fallacy on it. As you read the play, record any examples you see of the fallacy on your envelope onto index cards. Be sure to record the act, scene and line as well as page number of each fallacy so that you can easily access it again. Once the class reading of play is completed. You will work with other members of your group who have the same fallacy envelope to develop a class power point on fallacies in The Crucible.

Requirements of Class Power Point:
Each group will create the following section of the power point and then all groups will combine their sections into one complete power point at my computer.

Step I. Definition Slides:
Slide 1:Define your fallacy in a succinct manner so that the power point could also be used as a review of fallacy terms closer to the exam date. *Include a background or picture that we can associate with the fallacy term. For example, a background of a pile of straw for Straw Man.

Slide 2: A universal example not tied to The Crucible that demonstrates your fallacy. Include citations of original sources.

Step 2: Fallacies as demonstrated in The Crucible
Slides 3 and on… Exact quotes from The Crucible

Set up your fallacy in the following format for each example slide: Each example slide(s) must contain all of these….
1. Type of fallacy committed
2. Character committing fallacy
3. Statement of fallacy (Quote the passage from the play with...
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