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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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As you lay back on the soft cool grass, you looked up at all the twinkling stars glittering in the dark night sky. But one particular object caught your eye. As you looked over curiously, you realized that it was just the full moon sitting in the sky. It seemed so giant and bright. How it lit up the sky more than any of the hundreds of stars. Now, what if just one person controlled it? That’s right. Artemis is the goddess of the moon. This is just one of the many things she controls. This shows she is powerful. She uses her power to also be protective. She is the goddess of hunting, children, and wild animals. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and is a virgin goddess. She also has a twin brother named Apollo. Her symbols are the bow & arrow, the hunting dog, children, and of course, the moon. Artemis acts like both a human and a god because she is protective and powerful. One way for Artemis being protective, is when she was born she helped her mother deliver Apollo, who was born just one day later. This is where her love of children began, and she now protects women in labor. Another is when they were bathing in a secluded pool, and Actaeon accidently came upon them. He was staring at them and their beauty and this angered Artemis. So she turned him into a stag and set his own hounds upon him. Also, Artemis was frequently called upon to help her needy mother. All too often, she felt the need to come to her rescue, even though she received little from her mother in return. Being protective shows that even though Artemis is a god, she still has a human like trait. But how is she powerful? One way is how her and Apollo were able to kill all of Niobe’s children with bow & arrows when Niobe was bragging to Artemis’ mother (Leto) telling her that she (Niobe) was more superior to her because she had more children than Leto. Another reason is how Artemis actually has a habit of cursing men who got a peek at her or shot one of her animals....
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