Art101 Comparison

Topics: Renaissance, Florence, Donatello Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Comparison of three Sculptures

Differences between Michelangelo’s David and Bernini’s David are abundant and clear. Bernini’s version of David is a more classical interpretation. It focuses on David’s muscularity and his bone structure. In this version David is clothed, but just barely, ensuring that the viewer can see the definition of David’s muscles, and yet not revealing too much. Bernini’s version also shows David in action, as opposed to Michelangelo’s still pose of David. Bernini chose to sculpt David right in the midst of battle believing this would showcase him the best. This is because Bernini’s version was sculpted during the Baroque period, a time when it was thought that artwork should evoke strong emotions. Whereas Michelangelo sculpted in the Renaissance style, which David in a pose that relayed he was still but ready to move. We can also see differences just within the face of each sculpture. Michelangelo’s version we find being deep in thought, perhaps contemplating his next move, which is typical of classical Renaissance art. Then we have Bernini’s version being tense and concentrating on his next move, as he is battling. This seems to be the classic battle of mind versus brawn. Yet another difference is the actual size of the sculptures. Michelangelo’s version, taking on the characteristics of Greek artists, which was typical during the classical Renaissance period, is oversized. Just as the Greek’s strived for perfection through the human form, so did Michelangelo. Therefore his version is over an extra head tall, whereas Bernini’s is scaled back to a life sized version, making him more relatable. Both sculptures do share the same medium, which is marble. If we add into the comparison the sculpture of David done by Donatello we see some similarities to both Michelangelo’s version and to Bernini’s version and we also notice differences from both other sculptures, as well. The first and foremost major difference of Donatello’s David as...
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