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Art Timeline
Chelsey Frear
ART 101
August 14, 2011
Melissa Kozakiewicz

Art Timeline
I chose to do nature paintings by famous artist.
1829- Sunset, Fighting Bucks
This painting was created by William Turner. He got his inspiration from the Lake in Petworth. In this painting, you can see some of his brush strokes and lines like in the sky. But on the trees to the side and the bucks down in the field are somewhat detailed and they are not just a stroke of a brush. He tried to make sure that you were able to tell what it was that you were looking at. This piece of art is very interesting to look at because you have to look close to see what all is happening in this painting. 1843- The Lake of Zug

This painting was created by William Turner. He created this piece of art while observing the people working alongside Lake Zug. This painting is different because they lake and the nature around it looks almost blurred and hazy. You can see some of his brush strokes but then as he focuses in on the people working along the lake, he becomes more detailed and you cannot see his brush strokes. It is a very different technique and is very interesting to study. He blends his colors so beautifully and makes this painting one that you could stare at for quite some time. 1845- Catskill Creek, New York

This painting was created by Thomas Cole. He got the inspiration for his art from Catskill Creek in New York. This painting is almost like a photograph but is really a painting. You cannot see the brush strokes in it but he does an amazing job of showing detail in the leaves of the trees no matter how small and he does an amazing job of showing the reflection of the mountains and the trees in the water. The clouds in the sky are painted so well because they show the suns reflection on the clouds and how beautiful it looks. He truly did capture it very well. 1848- Meeting of the Brig Mercury with the Russian Squadron...
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