Art Teacher

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  • Published : May 2, 2011
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Art Teacher
Art is for anybody. I want to be an art teacher because I believe that I can influence children to create their own piece of amazing art work. I want to be an art teacher because I enjoy learning new things and sharing what I know with others. Being a very creative person I can create beautiful art. As a teacher I would love to be involved in challenging and inspiring new ideas in children, making them aware of their own thoughts or feelings. This could be done particularly in art by using different materials; for example, making pictures with tissue paper, molding clay and giving children the freedom over what they would produce. Children can express their emotions and feelings through their art and through it the viewer can see what the child is thinking or feeling. The great thing about art is that it is visual so a student could produce a piece of work that is personal to them. When I become a teacher I will be focusing on my teaching skills and knowledge and inspiring interest and creativity to others. Most importantly, I will get to make a positive impact in the children’s lives every day. I am fascinated by the way teachers help make a positive impact in the lives of children and can help them in both an educational way and in a talented way. I want to be an art teacher because I know I will love my job and because art can be very creative for the children. I want to make an impact in the life of the children. I want to be able to see the impact be put forth. For example to teach a child to draw a picture with pencils, crayons, and other types of media and to see them master drawing a picture and seeing what they create is amazing. I want to be a teacher too not only because I like working with kids, but I want to share and pass on my knowledge to them. I want to help children understand and learn new ways of creating art. There were a lot of things that I struggled with in school when I was younger and I remember my teachers...
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