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Topics: Building, Rooms, Storey Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Joe Casella
Project 2

I initially chose this type of building structure because it's a simple public recreational building that I created. It contains 7 rooms on the first floor (2 gyms, workout room, ping pong/badminton, a storage room, a stairwell, and bathrooms) and 3 rooms on the second floor (Attendants lounge, main office, and advisor's office). The most important element of this design was the selection of where the rooms are to maximize easy traveling of the customers wants. For example, having easy access to the main bathrooms from most rooms or having multiple entrances to the upstairs stairwell. I chose to use brick for the building material because it provides a strong foundation and suites the look of a recreational building. As for potential problems of the design, there is no elevator to get to upstairs and there are no fire exits on the upstairs level, as well. I think that it was easier to create the floor plan, because it's based more on personal preference and what you feel would be the best way to set up the rooms. The elevation view is kind of hard to make up, because trying to pick an angle of the building that shows off the structure the most is difficult. It's very much easier to understand the floor plan because most stuff on a floor plan will usually be labeled and when looking at a specific angle through an elevation view, you typically can't really tell what's inside. All in all, I believe that the floor plan of the building gives much more information about the building itself. I think the instructions for this project are pretty self-explanatory.
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