Art of Helping

Topics: Emotion, Gale, Cengage Learning Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Art of Helping Critique

Ellorine Edinburgh

University of the Southwest

Dr. Mike Westbrook

EDC 5313 Counseling Techniques

Art of Helping
The video, The Art of Helping, highlighted some very important ways to communicate with your clients in your counseling sessions. Some of the ways that was highlighted was non-verbal skills, opening skills, paraphrasing, reflecting feelings, reflecting meaning, summarizing, nonjudgmental listening, confrontation, and minimal encouragers. I have always been a strong believer and advocate for allowing others to express themselves freely without judgment. Clients should feel comfortable enough to let their emotions and feelings spill out in their sessions without any ramifications. In the video, you see counselors in action trying to navigate their way around their clients’ problems and come up with a viable solution to their problems. I noticed in many instances that there was room for improvement for some of the counselors. This video gave a novice counselor or first-time client a glimpse into what to expect before they decide to attend their first session.

There were many techniques highlighted in the video that I liked and I felt would be beneficial when I work with my clients. I love non-verbal skills the best because it can show your client that you are attentive and have their best interest at heart if you use them correctly. I think looking at your client with good eye contact, having an open body position, matching their voice tone, and even attentive gestures can make a world of difference on your client’s behalf. They would feel safe in your office and feel that they are not being judged for their faults. Using body gestures and nodding your head while they are talking can also reassure them that you are genuinely concerned and are intently listening to their every word. The client is the one who decides on what would be ideal; thus, the process reflects the individual’s own...
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