Art of Giotto Di Bondone

Topics: Giotto di Bondone, Florence, Italy Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: November 6, 2007

Giotto Di Bondone was born around 1267 near Florence, Italy. He was an Italian painter and architect better known as Giotto. He married in 1827 to Ricevuta di Lapo del Pela and had several children together. Its said that he was a very ugly man and that is children were also very plain in appearance. Reconstruction shows him as a very short man with a large head and a hooked nose. It is said that he died on January 8, 1337 in Florence, but as with almost everything else in his life, that is a controversial subject. Giotto is said to have altered the course of painting in Western Europe, striking out of the Gothic and Byzantine styles towards the Renaissance. Giotto was under the apprenticeship of a great Florentine painter named Cimabue, from around the age of 10. Some of this earliest works were for the Dominicans at the Santa Maria Novello, including the Crucifix, which is about 5 meters high and is dated around 1290. Giotto was thought to have worked in Rome from around 1297-1300 and in this time his work became wide spread. His works influenced the start of the Riminese school or Giovanni and Pietro do Rimini. After his time in Rome he went to create some of his most influential work in the Scrovegno Chapel in Padua. The chapel was dedicated to the Annunciation and was heavily decorated with painting s of Gabriel and the Virgin Mary. The was divided into 37 scenes and arranged around the walls, telling the story of Mary. The life of Jesus and the The Last Judgement fills the other spaces. His figures are usually in compressed settings with more natural elements. His work is often set apart from others due to the fact that he placed great emphasis on the human face and their emotions. His paintings created a realism that is unique to others in his time. Of the several artworks that Giotto created, the one that is my favorite would be The Mourning of Christ or Lamentation. This piece of art was painted around 1305...
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