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  • Published : August 28, 2012
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LESSON TOPIC: Introductory lesson to self-portraits. | DATE: 28th September| YEAR LEVEL: Years 6-9 Strand 4. | INTRODUCTORY LESSON in a Unit of …1…… lessons (1hr)| ESSENTIAL LEARNINING AREAS:| Futures| Identity | Interdependence| Thinking| Communication| There are five areas of essential learning. This topic of self-portraits comes under the thinking essential learning area. This essential learning develops a sense of power and creativity. This is shown through creating their own idea and finding the solution. This helps develop the learner’s creative aspects of quality thinking. | KEY COMPETENCIES: The key competencies within this assignment are KC1, KC2, KC3 and KC6. KC1: Collecting, analyzing and organizing information. KC2: Communicating ideas and information. KC3: Planning and organizing activities. KC6: Solving problems. (SACSA) Pg. 11. | STRANDS:| Arts in Context.| Arts Analysis.| Arts Practice. | There are three strands within arts learning and the SACSA framework. This topic would come under the arts practice strand. The introduction lesson to self-portraits allows students to have freedom of expression through their own thoughts and creative ideas. This strand focuses upon generating planning and also experimenting with the students own ideas. Students develop several ideas which could be used for their final task in this topic and they generate the work. They are able to appropriately aply the needed techniques to succeed as they have a guide to go by (Worksheet). | KEY IDEAS FOR THIS LESSON: F.T.C.KC3.KC6Students refine arts skills within the lesson by creating their own ideas and developing them. Both creative and also abstract art is looked at through the production of this artwork.| LEARNING OBJECTIVES: By the end of this project students should be able to:-Show they understand and show they have used their time management skills, efficiently and effectively. -Be able to use a wide range of materials to create their...
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