Art Is Everywhere

Topics: Art, Color, Aesthetics Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: June 15, 2012
“Art is Everywhere”

The dictionary defines art as the making of things that have form and beauty. From this definition of art we can say that art surrounds us. In every object we see, in our homes and even nature which God has made so beautiful, there is art. Art is not just the paintings or sculptures we see in the museums. Art is everywhere, the buildings, the landscapes, cars, clothes and many more. All of that is art in some way. We may not realize it at first but, yes, all these are some form of art.

Art and its elements can be seen in things that we see everyday. For example, buildings show lines, space, and shape. The lines of the windows, the building itself is art. A house is a good example for volume/form. A house is art with three dimensions. A great example for texture, color, and value is a landscape, the texture of the trees and its leaves, the different colors of the landscape itself, and the light from the sun showing value. Even some objects like cars, furniture, and jewelry can also be considered works of art.

A lot of people think that art are just the things we see displayed in museums. Art is more than that. Everyone has their own way of showing art. One good example of this is how we want to look or dress. We want our shirts to be of a particular color. We want it to be smooth and have a good shape. Architects and interior designers also have their own way of showing art. Some architects want their buildings to have irregular shapes some prefer them to be straight and tall. Some designers want to have a lot of light in their design and others want it full of color. Each artist has his own way of expressing art.

The statement “art is everywhere” is true. From the simplest to the most complicated things that surround us, there is some element of art that is present. All we need to do is to look and appreciate them.
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