Art Integration

Topics: Art education, Education, Visual arts Pages: 4 (1491 words) Published: March 14, 2011
Why is art education important in schools? Why are learning simple grammar, math, social studies and science techniques essential in elementary schools today? Arguments and controversies have been demonstrated for years, on which should remain in schools and which has to undergo the budget cut.

North Carolina has been affected dramatically with the budget cuts in the school system. The North Carolina Arts Council at has had a great amount of information for me to learn about my home state and its art. In 1964, Governor Terry Sanford created the North Carolina Arts Council in hope to improve the creativity and learning ability of the residents in the state. The board holds 24 members and is known for its mission statement: “To Make North Carolina A Better State Through The Arts (ncartscouncil)”. Funding made to the council is from State Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts. North Carolina has over 200 art museums, galleries, and art shops.

Arts Education Partnership was also a great website to learn more why art education is so important. In 1994, the Clinton administration added art to core subjects in the National Education Goals as part of the Goals 200 program. Educate America Act was passed and signed by Clinton. In 2002, ‘No Child Left Behind”’ was established by the Bush administration, which later on led to ‘No Subject Left Behind’ to support art education (aep-arts education partnership). I personally do not agree with all the decision with No Child Left Behind, but that’s just my opinion. I read on and researched about specifically North Carolina art programs in schools. To graduate from high school you must have 6 elective credit units being in Career Technical Education, Art Education, or Foreign Language. But, the more recently Art only has one credit unit. A+ schools were established in 1995. An A+ school is completely devoted to teaching the students through art. The arts are taught through dance, drama, and...
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